Nächste Events

10.09.-10.11.2019 Soccer Camp at FK 03 Pirmasens, Germany
10.09.-10.11.2019 Soccer Camp at VfB Annweiler, Germany



Ending 2018 with great events - kicking off 2019 with many new destinations!

With camps at our locations Cyprus and Dallas the year 2018 came to an end. „We’ve had amazing events in multiple countries this winter so far“ said Director of Global Soccer David Müller. „The fact that we have a constant high number of participants and many players coming back to us shows not just our significance but further the trust put in us as an organization. This is the result of long-term sustainable work.“

For 2019 we are already exited to host events at new destinations such as New Jersey, Ottawa,Hongkong or Nigeria. Further many new exciting partnerships in multiple locations will be announced shortly. Schaechter Sports is thrilled to see what the new year holds!


Successful Polo-Cup 2018 – 1.FSV Mainz 05 defends the title, partner academies from abroad with great performances!

The fifth edition of our annual Polo-Cup in the Husterhoehe Stadium in Pirmasens was another huge success. The elite of German soccer had announced their participation: RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen, VfB Stuttgart, 1.FSV Mainz 05, Darmstadt 98, 1.FC Kaiserslautern, Spvgg Greuther Fürth and SV Sandhausen. The list was completed by the host club of FK Pirmasens, the Ligue 1 teams AS Nancy and FC Metz as well as our partner academies E.S.F.A. (Greece), Jinjun Elite (China) and GFA (Singapore).

In top quality matches the team of 1.FSV Mainz 05 successfully defended the title in the finals vs. Darmstadt 98. Just like in previous years our partner academy showed great combination soccer and excited spectators and coaches alike. Next to a deserved winner our guests from Singapore and Greece did surprisingly well and made it to the quarter- and semifinals. Especially the Greek selection, identified in camps in Thesaloniki, Crete and Cyprus finished top of their group, undefeated in games versus Stuttgart, Fürth, Metz and Kaiserslautern, only beat by Mainz 05 in the semis.

We would further like to thank the host FK Pirmasens for a great organization of this event and are already looking forward to hosting the 6th edition of the Polo-Cup on August 24&25, as it will be the first two-day edition of the tournament!


Great training week for players from Bethesda, Maryland

Due to a recent stay of Director of Global Soccer David Müller in the United States, we welcomed a selection of players from DA club Bethesda SC out of the Washington DC area in Germany.

All boys showed extremely well throughout the week and some of them even received received re-invitations right away: „We are really happy about the turnout of the week“ said David Mueller. „We know that Bethesda SC is a club full of talent and with this new relationship our task is to provide players from the DC area with high quality training in Germany on the one side and with real opportunities for player that truly have ambitions in European soccer on the other side. The feedbacks we received from quality clubs like Mainz 05 and Darmstadt 98 strengthens our opinion that there is enough talent in the American market and especially in metropolitan areas like DC/Maryland. It is just a matter of finding the right clubs on both sides of the atlantic to get projects like this going. We know that Bethesda SC is one of them, having aspirations of providing their members with unique opportunities and make a difference in their lives.“

Next to training sessions in Youth Bundesliga 1-2 clubs, all boys received individual feedback from the Schaechter Sports scouts with exact recommendations for their development. „This is a feature that we think is very important“ said Tryout Director Florian Mueller. „Those boys need to know exactly what to work on, so they will have developed the next time they come.“
The week was topped off by multiple sightseeing events, private training sessions and a visit of 3rd division game Karlsruher SC vs. Carl-Zeiss-Jena in which all participants were welcomed on the diplay panel in the Wildpark-Stadium, applauded by 25 000 spectators.

We are looking forward to see more players from Bethesda in Germany very soon!


Continuously successful – great camps in North Dakota and Toronto!

After events in Dallas, Crete and Cyprus a summer full of German ID camps found its end in North Dakota and Toronto! Simulaneously our organization conducted two German IC Camps overseas – under totally different circumstances.

Already for the ninth time since 2014 we were guests in Canada’s biggest metropolitan area – hosted by the Toronto Skillz. In tropical heat we welcomed almost 40 participants to the Birchmount Stadium in Toronto-Scarborough.  Next to the camp, Schaechter Sports and the Skillz also reached an agreement to extend the successful partnership with the German player development brand already paying one more visit in 2018. For 2019 both organizations plan with 4 visits of German coaches and scouts on site in Canada. We are extremely happy and proud to intensify our collaboration with the Skillz!

The camp in Fargo, North Dakota was a first-timer – and already record-breaking! Having welcomed 150 participants makes us incredibly proud. A big thanks to all players, parents and to the Tri-City Storm Soccer Club with its president Noel Nyborg.

Overall an incredible summer for your young organization and further proof that Schaechter Sports sets standards in youth soccer internationalization.


Successful German ID Camps in Dallas, Cyprus and Crete

With more than 100 participants at each event Schächter Sports once again set a new standard.

“Cyprus and Crete were first-time locations for us” said Tobias Lommer from our International Department. “Thanks to our partner E.S.F.A. we had two great events with lots of soccer talent in markets where other brands haven’t been successful at all. This is the result of our quality work”

David Müller, Director of Global Soccer, conducted the annual summer camp with our partner AYSES in Dallas, Texas: “Another record was broken. We are so incredibly proud of and overwhelmed with the turnout of this camp. 120 participants… it speaks for our sustainable and honest work!”

A lot of talent was seen and many kids can be excited to receive an invitation into our tryout program or world selection. Further, Schächter Sports is happy to have conducted the camp in Crete with our German club partner 1.FSV Mainz 05 and to first having brought scouts of the professional clubs of SV Sandhausen, Greuther Fuerth and Stuttgarter Kickers to Cyprus!   

Schächter Sports wants to thank its partners as well as all participants and is happy to play such a big role in the development of youth players worldwide.


International players sign in Germany!

They work! As stated many times throughout the last months our Bundesliga tryouts are real opportunities. Based on the player’s talent we find clubs that match their level and make a chance of a lifetime possible.

Throughout the last months multiple players have come to Germany to train with academies and Schaechter Sports is the reliable partner to open the door. With the new 2018/2019 season the three players Kostas and Xristos Karakostas as well as Nikos Mitaras from our activities in Greece with our partner E.S.F.A. that just signed with traditional club TuS Koblenz.

Additionally Nyger Hunter out of Atlanta, Georgia is heading to Southwest Germany to play for uprising SV Elversberg, an aspirational club whose goal is to be a permanent part of the first 3 leagues in Germany.

Jacob Weiler, as a player from our activities in Fargo, North Dakota has recently joined 6th division club SC Hauenstein.

Schaechter Sports is proud of the achievements of so many young athletes and happy to be of help!






Great first German International ID Camp in Austin, Texas! More events to come

In May 2017 we conducted our first German International ID Camp in Austin, Texas. Together with our partner organization Forza VIP, we welcomed more than 70 participants to this kickoff-event. „It was a great camp with a lot of quality players“ said Florian Mueller, our coach on site in Texas.

Next to the camp in Austin, we also were expected on the mexican border. In Laredo another 30 kids got exposed to our renowned German training philosophy.

Schaechter Sports returns from Austin with a lot of new insights and impressions and is happy to have laid a great foundation for future projects. U16 prospect Ryan Harley out of this new network has already been on Bundesliga tryouts in Germany, showing his talent to a lot of high quality German teams.

We thank our partner Forza VIP with its chairman David Dinh for a perfectly organized event!


Greek prospects impress at German academies

Last month we once again welcomed numerous participants from our activities in Greece to Germany. The players could test their level and present their talent in training sessions at top German youth soccer academies.

While some where participating in training sessions with clubs from Southwest Germany, Schaechter Sports also placed some players with clubs in the Coblenz region.

“Our key focus will always be to send players to clubs that give them a real opportunity. In cooperation with our partner E.S.F.A. and its chairman Argirirs Kremitsas we want to built something unique and sustainable in Greece” said Florian Mueller, tryout director at Schaechter Sports.

“The U19 players have received offers to sign with a German club, others got reinvited. We will be monitoring the development of those kids, as they all have received a detailed scouting report with a strengths and weaknesses analysis and recommendations for the coming months.”


In addition to many on the field activities, several off-the-field activities such as sightseeing and cultural events were conducted.

Tobias Lommer from the international department of Schaechter Sports complemented: “It is important for us that the boys get to know our culture and mentality, that they understand what it is like to live here – it is more than just soccer.”


We are already looking forward to our next camps in Crete and Cyprus next month!


Successful training camp of Japanese Champion Kawasaki Frontale in Germany

Once again Schaechter Sports welcomed a renowned team from far east in Germany for season preparation and the U18 squad of Kawasaki Frontale found a compiled week with perfect conditions.

Multiple training sessions in the Trifels-Stadium in Annweiler / Germany and 5 high quality friendlies vs. German and French academies topped off the stay in the beautiful Hotel Bergterrasse in Southwest Germany.


In their opening match the technically strong Asian team faced the U19 Bundesliga team Karlsruher SC, in which the German home team could stand its ground by beating the guest team 4-2. The consecutive day Kawasaki travelled to France to play French giant FC Metz. In a very close match the Japanese were beating with the same result (2-4).

The next highlight was scheduled Wednesday when the squad from the land of the rising son fell short to Bundesliga club 1.FSV Mainz 05 with 1-3. Bo Svennson, U19 head coach for Mainz, found honourable words for the international competition and spoke of „a very good test“ for his team.

For their last two friendlies of their „German week“, Kawasaki then travelled to Nancy, France (2-3) and Sandhausen, Germany (1-2) to face some more state-of-the-art competition.

But also off-the-field there was a lot to do and a lot to see for our international guests. The visit of the Bundesliga match TSG Hoffenheim vs. FC Cologne and the unforgettable meetings with Japanese national team players Yoshinori Muto and Eiji Kawashima will further be remembered.

We wish the great team and its coaches all the best for the upcoming season in Japan!


What an incredible start-off: First-ever World Selection week a huge success!

Between March 19 and 26 and for the first time ever, Schaechter Sports welcomed 10 international players who followed our organization’s invite for our first ever world selection program. The U10/U11 kids chosen from our activities in Dallas, Toronto, Singapore and Greece made the experience of a lifetime, when they did not just play against, but also trained with some of the top quality academies in Germany!

 “The program consisted of daily training sessions as a team in the morning to get prepared for the competition on the consecutive weekend, whereas the kids trained at the Bundesliga academies in the evening” said David Mueller, Director of Global Soccer. The kids trained at the professional academies of TSG Hoffenheim, 1.FSV Mainz 05, FC Augsburg, 1.FC Kaiserslautern, Darmstadt 98, Spvgg Greuther Fuerth and Karlsruher SC. Real and valuable competition came in on Friday where our world selection team played 2nd division side and top youth academy SV Sandhausen and faced their U11s and U12s. With a win against the 11s and losses to the U12s the team went back and prepared for the Saturday and Sunday tournaments.

On Saturday the team finished the first tournament with wins against local team of SC Hauenstein and the reputated academy of former Bundesliga side and traditional club SSV Ulm and a last-minute draw against youth academy giants Greuther Fuerth. A big success for the compiled team!

The Sunday tournament against Bundesliga Giants 1.FSV Mainz 05, TSG Hoffenheim was the last highlight of the week. Our team finished with losses to 1.FC Kaiserslautern, SV Darmstadt 98 and traditional club Waldhof Mannheim, but won not just against local competitor Zweibruecken and SSV Ulm, but beat 1.FSV Mainz 05!

“It was a very successful week with a great finish. We needed one more point to advance to the semis, but the unnecessary loss to Waldhof Mannheim cost us that result. At the end of the day we are still talking about children and it is ok! This week was not about winning the tournament. The value is competing against and training with the highest level not just in Germany, but in the world. This was an eye opener for our talented players and showed them exactly, where they need to work on. Everyone of them received a scouting report with a strength / weakness analysis. This program is unique and really helps developing players” said Mueller. “Who can say I trained with the actual Mainz 05 team and also played against them?”

Jim Outman, player parent from Dallas, was off the same opinion: “They don’t just isolate you with one academy – you’re visiting, in our case, 3 academies and all three of them were totally different styles of how they played and how they trained. You don’t get that anywhere else.”  

We are already looking forward to welcoming our next selection players and giving them a real chance to perform on the highest level and develop!





Arigatō and Sayōnara!!

For the second time Schaechter Sports and its partner 1.FSV Mainz 05 were selected to travel to Japan to represent the German soccer philosophy!

Between March 22 and 30 Ronny Wendel of Mainz 05 and Robin Hasenclever of Schaechter Sports trained with selected boys and girls of all age groups. The expected number of 130 participants was exceeded and by the end of the week the two German coaches trained nearly 160 kids in top quality sessions. The outstanding discipline and work ethic of the players as well as the found talent in the cities of Kobayashi and Miyazaki which, in collaboration with the prefecture, were perfect hosts, was remarkable. A big thank you for the perfect week!

Off-the-field the cultural exchange between Germany and Japan was pointed out in several events full of fun and laughter such as German language lessons or competing in traditional Japanese archery - it was not just the players, but also the coaches that made lifetime memories!

This collaboration is another huge step in our aspirations to present not just Mainz 05, but German soccer and the Bundesliga overall! The name of the Bundesliga side from the southwest of Germany now rings a bell whenever it is mentioned in the land of the rising sun! We hope to successfully conduct this great event once again in 2019!

Until then there’s nothing left to say but thank you and see you again!


Successful March Break Camp in Toronto!

Our 2018 March Break Camp was already our eighth time in Toronto, Canada. Between school break our Schaechter Sports coaching team, consisting of Mr. Tobias Lommer and Michael Koenig from our partner Spvgg Greuther Fuerth welcomed 56 kids in the “soccer dome” in Ontario together with our partner Toronto Skillz.

On 5 training days with 2 sessions each in different age groups our coaching staff once again presented our renowned and high quality German coaching approach that has helped so many players to improve their game sustainably. Further the presence and knowledge of Michael Koenig of Greuther Fuerth was very much appreciated, since Michael has already worked at numerous top German youth academies such as Bayern Munich, 1860 Munich, FC Augsburg  in the past and is now in a leading position of the second division side from Franken, Germany.

The coaches were also happy and excited to host  the first ever “German Night” in the Toronto Skillz offices. This event served as an introduction to the Toronto Skillz and Schaechter partnership and showed of the opportunities arising from this unique international partnership.

Schaechter Sports is already looking forward to our annual summer camp in Toronto between July 16 and 20!


Successful week for prospects from Dallas – opportunities beyond marketing!

Between March 10 and 18 we welcomed more players that got on our radar through our activities in the DFW area. In training sessions with various German clubs the kids got shown a real pathway to Europe.

„Our key focus will always be pairing players with clubs that can offer them a real opportunity. It is not about names, but about trust in the process. We paired the boys from Dallas with second league sides SV Sandhausen, SV Darmstadt and Spvgg Greuther Fuerth as well as with U17 Bundesliga side and 4th division club SV Elversberg. The selection of clubs matched their quality and so we were able to deliver results. As always stated we can open doors to Bundesliga until Regional league – as long as it makes sense“ said David Müller, Director of Global Soccer at Schächter Sports and responsible for the Dallas activities. „All players were reinvited by multiple teams that show real interest in them. In the next months we will further watch the kids and help them with their development after sending them a detailed scouting report by our experts with a strength / weakness analysis as well as accurate recommendations for the time coming.“

We are happy for all players that realized one thing – the pathway to Europe has started!


First appearance of Greek selection in Germany ends in huge success!

Between February 25 and March 2 Schächter Sports welcomed a selection of U10 players in Germany. The players got selected from our activities in Thessaloniki and Athens, in cooperation with our partner E.S.F.A.presented through its managing director Mr. Argirirs Kremitsas who was not just translating, but fully servicing the players to make this trip unforgettable and unique. A big thank you for that.

On the sportive side the week was extraordinarily successful, with wins against the top youth academies of FC Homburg and Stuttgarter Kickers and a close loss to Bundesliga giants 1. FSV Mainz 05. Only the game against one of the top U11 teams in the country, 2nd league side Spvgg Greuther Fuerth ended in a clear loss, but was a huge experience and an indicator for the development of our young players.

In many off-the-field activities the players and parents got to experience private tours in Bundesliga stadiums, a great dinner at a Greek restaurant in Stuttgart and many exciting sightseeing events.

But as Schächter Sports always states – our main focus is the sustainable development of players – each player received a personal and individual feedback with specific recommendations for future development. Impressed by these great experiences our Greek guest left back home and we are sure to see them again soon.


Schächter Sports announces new project in New England

During the United Soccer Convention in Philadelphia another great result could be announced – we have found another partner in New England! We´re looking forward to a great start in June with the Beautiful Game Soccer Academy and his founder John Paul Barata. John is one of the most decorated and accomplished soccer coaches in New England, with a proven track record of developing all-star athletes.The Beautiful Game Soccer Academy offers a comprehensive training program for boys and girls, ages 18 and younger.


There’s a first for everything: Schächter Sports at the United Coaches Convention in Philadelphia!

For the first time our organization exhibited at the United Soccer Coaches Convention (January 18-20). The biggest soccer convention in the U.S. (with over 13 000 visitors this year) was a huge success for networking and finding new contacts – the American Soccer community can look forward to exciting projects at new location across the nation! Our presence at this great event brought us one step closer to our goal of helping soccer in this great country with its numerous talents and clubs long-term and sustainably. Even Alexi Lalas, biggest soccer broadcaster on American TV, took the time and visited us at booth 1743,

Further, our organization was the only German exhibitor besides global player FC Bayern Munich (through its partner GPS) – we are proud to have represented German soccer at its best!


More than 100 players in our first ID camp in Thessaloniki

Successful start 2018. The beginning of January led us to the beautiful Greek city of Thessaloniki, where we hosted another great ID camp with our partner E.S.F.A.

More than 100 kids showed their talent and several got picked for further events in Greece and Germany. Two groups of talented U10 and U14/U15 players will now travel to Germany in February and March to compete with the best German academies. A unique opportunity for proficient evaluations.

In the next moths a lot more Greek players will get the opportunity to present their talent in our renowned Bundesliga tryouts.

Our two camp participants Dimitris and Christos impressed so much that they were invited to compete in our U10 Bundesliga tournament on March 25 with a global selection of the best talent from our ID-camps. Congratulation guys!


Antonio Perez signs with SV Morlautern!

Great news from our tryout participant Antonio Perez! The 20-year old American out of Dallas, Texas just signed with SV Morlautern, a 5th Division club in Germany. Antonio will now try to work his way up in the world’s best league system and further work on his development.

David Müller, our Director Global Soccer on Toni: “Toni contacted us last year as his youth soccer career in Dallas came to an end. He wanted to pursue his dream of playing soccer professionally and came over to a first tryout in November 2016. He convinced the coach at Morlautern and ever since we had been working with Toni on a realistic path in Germany, that allows him to play while not neglecting his education. This example once again proves that the passion we have for young players allows us to provide them with a true, honest and realistic pathway into Europe. We have Weston McKennie in the Bundesliga, Kevin Olali and Antonio Perez in division 5 and so many talent on second and third trials in Germany academies. The network to 30+ clubs in Germany is no overstatement - the system with ID-Camps, tryouts and player development works.”

Way to go Toni – now go and achieve your goals!


Small fans?, Big markets! - Schaechter Sports in the biggest German soccer magazine "Kicker"!

Schächter Sports is very proud to announce the publication of an article on our Internationalization work in Germany's biggest soccer magazine "Kicker". Kicker is a founding member of European Sports Media, an association of soccer publishers. For our organization this is more than just a report, but further an appreciation of our hard work and passion throughout the last years.  

Thank you very much Kicker Sports Magazine for letting us release the great article on our work online - issued in the Monday edition of January 22nd 2018! 





11th international partnership sealed – Austin, Texas as a new location!

During a great week in Dallas another great result could be announced – we have found another partner in Texas! With Forza Campiones VIP a development program from Austin joins our global network. The talent developers with its director David Dinh can look back to great results in the past as many of their former participants are currently playing and performing in professional leagues worldwide (e.g. United States, Germany, Luxembourg etc.). The focus of the partnership will be the hosting of German ID Camps in Austin, tournament participations in Germany and the attendance of top-talent players from the Austin area in our renowned Bundesliga tryouts.


Next huge success in Dallas – more than 80 excited participants in our „German ID Camp“

Our German ID-Camp in Dallas, held between December 12 and 15 was another success story for Schaechter Sports. More than 80 participants are a new record and are proof of our sustainable work in the DFW-Metroplex.

For our Director of Global Soccer David Müller not only “the very good quality of players” was impressive, but further the journey some of our participants took to be part of our annual December camp – Austin, Oklahoma and even North Carolina!

In addition to the on-the-field-training, a parents meeting was hosted to explain the values of the partnership between AYSES and Schaechter Sports for players.

We are very happy about and proud of the positive feedback received and once again thank our great partner AYSES for an being an outstanding host. We hope to see most of the players back in our camps, exchange programs, tryouts in Germany and our sustainable player development program!


Successful congress on Internationalization in sports!

On October 24th, 2018 we hosted the first Cogress on Internationisation in Sports in cooperation with our partners SRH Heidelberg and Result Sports. The event served as an introduction to different strategies of Internationalization for brands, clubs and associations in the competitive soccer market

Various participants listened to the presentations of Jun Hirano (Japan), Jake Doodnath (Toronto Skillz, Canada), Sebastian Schächter (Schächter Sports GmbH), Mario Leo (Result Sports) and David Görges (Borussia Dortmund).

With this event we once again hold up our reputation as being number one in Internationalization.

We are already looking forward to the second edition of the event next year!   


Make it nine! New partnership in the United States!

Schächter Sports is proud to present its ninth long-term partner for our global soccer network. The Tri-City Storm Soccer Club out of Fargo, North Dakota and the German brand came to an agreement after a trip of Schächter Sports Director of Global Soccer David Müller to the United States. After an intensive training week with several youth teams of the club and multiple meetings with the organization and its officials the new partnership was sealed. Lots of exciting projects are ahead of us such as coaching education, training weeks, tryouts in Germany and the placement of German coaches into TC Storm SC.


Proud to be co-hosting the first Congress on Internationalization in Sports!

Successful internationalization is nowadays one of the biggest challenges in modern sports. The distribution of broadcasting rights of the German Bundesliga in the United States or the NFL International Series are just two examples amongst many and show the efforts of organizations to generate growth potentials beyond their domestic markets.

Different internationalization strategies and approaches to exploit new markets have been developed. The SRH University of Heidelberg, in accordance with RESULT Sport and Schaechter Management and Sports, want to accommodate this issue by hosting the first Congress in Internationalization in Sports.

Date: October 24th 2017

Start: 2pm

Location: SRH Hochschule Heidelberg, Ludwig-Guttman-Strasse 6

Please apply per mail ( A 25,- € participation fee will be charged and has to be paid on site. Find more information on the agenda here


Best quality youth soccer at our U13-VW Polo Cup!

Congratulations to 1.FSV Mainz 05 for winning the 4th edition of the reputated U13 VW Polo Cup 2017! In an exciting final match the reputated youth academy from the Mainzer Bruchweg beat TSG 1899 Hoffenheim with 1-0. The third place went to VfB Stuttgart after beating the team of  SpvGG Greuther Fuerth 4-0.


But that was just the top of the competition! Further the youth teams of 2.Bundesliga sides 1.FC Kaiserslautern, SV Darmstadt 98 as well as the Ligue 1 clubs FC Metz and FC Dijon participated in this year’s edition our annual tournament. The tradition clubs of FK Pirmasens, FSV Frankfurt and TSV Schott Mainz completed the list of participants. But the furthest journey was certainly made by our partner academy of GFA Singapore! In addition to the tournament participation Schächter Sports compiled a training week full of friendly matches, training sessions, Bundesliga games and sightseeing. An unforgettable experience for the kids and parents and an immediate commitment to the firth edition of the tournament!

SAVE THE DATE: The 2018 U13 VW Polo Cup hosted by Schächter Sports and FK Pirmasens will take place on August 25! Earn your spot now and contact us! 


Canadian prospects train with top-German youth academies

After a successful camp between August 14 and 18, four participants were invited and given the opportunity to train in Germany, presenting themselves to some of the best German players in their respective age group.

The 2 top-talents Denzel Vasquez and Daniel Coke trainer with the U14 teams of 1.FSV Mainz 05, VfB Stuttgart and SC Freiburg as well as Spvgg Greuther Fuerth.

Zachary Ziliotto and Robert Balaban presented themselves at the traditional youth academies of Stuttgarter Kickers and FK Pirmasens as well as Second League side SV Sandhausen and the outstanding U14 age group of JFG Saarlouis.

All players received a great feedback and are more than welcome to be back.

In addition to the traininig sessions the players trained individually with Schaechter Sports coach Florian Mueller,  visited the Bundesliga match of 1.FSV Mainz 05 vs. Bayer Leverkusen and the U19-Bundesliga match between Karlsruher SC and Eintracht Frankfurt. During the U19 game the young canadians received scouting tasks in order to improve their game reading abilities as a part of our player development program.

Toronto Skillz president Jake Doodnath was very happy with the performance of his boys and returns to Canada with many findings. This unique program offers him and his players to develop in the best possible way by competing on the highest level!


Great Camp in Toronto with 70 participants.

Between August 14 and 18 we once again conducted our renowned „German International ID Camp“ in Canada. As always, our partner Toronto Skillz turned out to be an incredible host and our coaches Tobias Lommer and David Müller welcomed close to 70 boys and girls to our camp. Throughout the week the players worked hard and showed improvement. Some promising talents were identified and invited to Germany.

On top of a great camp, Schaechter Sports and Jake Doodnath, President of Toronto Skillz, agreed on a extension of our successful partnership regarding coaching education, the establishment of an exchange program as well as trips to Germany.


We are very happy to have such a strong partner at our side!


US talents on tryouts in Germany!

In the month of August we once again welcomed various prospects to Germany!

U15 player Sam Presser from our partner club AYSES trained with the youth academies of 1.FSV Mainz 05, SV Elversberg, Spvgg Greuther Fuerth and 1.FC Kaiserslautern for 2 weeks and was able to impress. He is invited again within the next 6 months to monitor his progress.

One step further is U17 player Wyatt Roberts from Dallas. Due to his performance in our tryouts last November he was re-invited by Greuther Fuerth, where he stayed until August 26 to attend in their 4-week season preparation. He returned to Dallas with a very positive feedback, looking into a bright future.

We are excited for the players and happy to provide North American Soccer and the DFW metroplex with real opportunities!

We are further looking forward to welcoming talents from Singapore and Canada in the coming weeks!


Eighth international partner comes from Jordan – Amman Elite new in our global network!

New partnership for Schaechter Sports! In the course of a first project, our next long-term cooperation was sealed! Kickoff was the visit of 3 Jordanian players and academy director Saeed Alkharmi to Germany.

The long-term goals of the partnership will be the improvement of Jordanian soccer and the continuous and sustainable development of the Amman-Elite players through Tryouts in Germany.

Together with the Elite academy out of Amman, we want to provide Jordan soccer with unique and real opportunities.

Schaechter Sports – No.1 in internationalization!


200 participants in our domestic soccer camps!

Successful summer at the Unicorn Soccer Academy – we were fortuned to welcome close to 200 players to our summer break soccer camps.

This time our „English Experience Camps“ were hosted by FV Queichheim (Landau) and FC Germania Metternich (Koblenz). A great success with our English head coach Stuart Monk who, in addition to many exciting drills on the field, was able to give the participants an insight into the scouting system of the English Football Association FA. Learning the English language playfully contributed to hearing the young players say „see you next year“ to their coach Stuart.

But also the soccer camp Lemberg, already an institution in the Southwest Palatinate area, provided our players with various highlights on and off the field. The Bundesliga coach of the year 2016, Dirk Schuster (SV Darmstadt 98, FC Augsburg), visited the camp as well as the popular PUMA-Truck from our official supplier.

We are happy to see that all camps were a huge success and we were able to provide our players with unforgettable memories . We would like to thank all players, parents, coaches, sponsors and guests!

The next camps will take place in fall break at the locations Maikammer and Pirmasens. Sign up here!


New partnership signed! 1.FFC Kaiserslautern as new exchange program partner for North America

Schächter Sports welcomes the club of 1.FFC Kaiserslautern as another partner into its extending soccer network. The club out of Rhineland-Palatine specializes in women’s soccer and is now official partner for the reputated soccer exchange between AYSES Soccer Club in Dallas and our organization. Starting 2018 we can finally welcome young American female soccer players to Germany and vice versa  - a fine addition to a successful partnership between Schächter Sports and AYSES. We can finally do justice to the many girls playing soccer in the DFW area as well as in Germany. We are looking forward to exciting projects in the future with our new partner!


Another success story in Poland

Schachter Sports' success on international ground continues! From June 27 - July 3 we welcomed more than 70 participants to our camp in Katowice - conducted together with our partner 1.FSV Mainz 05. Not only were Polish players present, but youth footballers from Greece and Belarus as well. Some prospects presented themselves well enough to be invitied to Germany very shortly.

We would like to say thank you to our partner Concept4Soccer with its CEO Slawomir Pyrzynski for hosting and organizing another great event!

Thank you Poland - we will be back soon! 


AYSES and Schaechter Sports agree on three year contract extension

During our trip to Dallas, Mr. Samuel Olali (President and Owner of AYSES) and Mr. David Mueller (Head of North America Relations at Schaechter Sports) signed a new 3 year contract to strengthen the successful partnership! Both parties agreed on many new and exciting projects regarding talent ID as well as player and club development to maintain the sustainable presence of our company in the North Texas Region. We are looking forward to coming back for more to the DFW Metroplex! 


Successful camp with exchange character

Dallas is and stays a great spot for the Schaechter Sports Management Group. Our German International ID Camp at our partner club AYSES was another huge success. Many participants with great talent participated in 4 days of camp at Fairview Soccer Park in McKinney, Texas - amongst them 13 players from Germany that participated in our intercultural soccer exchange program - we are now looking forward to welcome the American exchange players in Germany between June 15 and 25!



92 Participants at our College Showcase Camp Europe

Successful start of our College Soccer Showcase Camp Europa. For the first time Schaechter Sports co-hosted this unique event of intercultural and international flair. Together with the Military United Football Club and its president Dominik Ludes we could set a record number of participants.

92 players from the United States, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Spain, England, Greece and Poland were provided with the opportunities of presenting their soccer talent to various coaches of U.S. Colleges.

First results were published right after the event and it already became clear that some of the players will have a realistic chance for playing College soccer in America.

A big thanks to the Military United Football Club as well as our Greek partner E.S.F.A. and our Polish partner Concept4Soccer Poland that traveled to Germany with 20 of their selected players!

We are already looking forward to the College Camp 2018!


Succesful camp with 120 participants in Greece!

Between May 12-14 Schächter Sports and its partner 1.FSV Mainz 05 conducted another camp hosted by our greek partner Euro Sports Football Activities (E.S.F.A.).

With 120 participants this camp was another huge success. In addition to providing greek players with a German training philosophy and a unique approach, the event was used to scout the most talented players for our many international activities.  

Off the field many meetings were held about future projects in Greece. Schächter Sports wants to thank its partners 1.FSV Mainz 05 and E.S.F.A. with its chairman Argirirs Kremitsas for some unforgettable days in Athens! 



Successful coaching clinic with Mainz 05

Great coaching clinic with our partner 1.FSV Mainz 05 at local club SG Bruchweiler. 

Various interested coaches attended, getting inspired for their daily work in training! 

We would like to thank the Sparkasse Südwestpfalz, our partner 1.FSV Mainz 05 and SG Bruchweiler for the kind support and cooperation. 

To increase the level of coaching in the Pirmasens/Zweibrücken region, Schächter Sports will try to offer more of those events in the near future!




Looking forward to the College Soccer Showcase Camp Europa

Looking forward to..... Bitburg! With big steps we are approaching the next College Soccer Showcase Camp Europe, where soccer players can apply for a soccer scholarship in the United States. With 2 weeks of time remaining, the event has already gained international and intercultural features. 

Participants from all over the world have already signed up: The United States, Germany, France, Dubai, Greece and Poland - all are aboard!

With a fine selection of College coaches from all over the USA this camp should be an absolute highlight in every player's calendar! A must-do for ambitioned prospects between the ages of 15 and 22.

Further, this camp is one big success story - 24 scholarships have been given to attendants in 3 years of camp history!

More information and application can be found here on our website!




Christian Wachter und Alexander Kotz besuchen Trainerweiterbildung des 1.FSV Mainz 05!


Über 70 Teilnehmer bei unserem ersten Fußballcamp 2017 in Fehrbach!