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10.09.-10.11.2019 Soccer Camp at FK 03 Pirmasens, Germany
10.09.-10.11.2019 Soccer Camp at VfB Annweiler, Germany

Player development program

Bundesliga Tryouts

True to our motto „creating real opportunities“ we arrange our renowned Bundesliga tryouts - a unique offer for the most talented players of our global network and worldwide camps. Away from simple brand marketing and value-free experience-trips we provide international youth soccer with veritable chances and possibilities.

In consultation with a well-elaborated selection of clubs we compile an individually customized program, which gives the player the chance to try out for professional academies in Germany.

This unique approach is a stepping stone to the world of professional soccer!

„Thanks a lot for the great opportunities. I appreciate it very much. Everything was perfect organized and a amazing experience. Schächter Sports GmbH were great hosts. The opportunities arranged and the wealth of knowledge and experience my son acquired during his stay will always be remembered and thankful for. It was like a dream come true for my 11-year old!”

Daniel Vasquez Toronto, Canada

„Schächter Managements did a fantastic job for me. The organization of events was awesome. There was always some- thing to do every day. The teams they paired me with were some of the best in Germany. Overall it was a success- ful trip and amazing experience. I can`t thank the Schächter Management Group enough for everything.“

Wyatt Roberts Dallas, USA

“Training with the various clubs in Germany was a life changing experience for me. The knowledge I gained on key individual and team tactics has really helped me take my game to another level. The feedback was honest and gave me a better understanding of the demands needed to become a professional player in Germany. I grew in my time there and since I’ve been back. I’m very excited to return to continue this opportunity.”

Roen Fordyce Hlywka Toronto, Canada

“I’m extremely appreciative of the opportunities that Schächter Sports has provided me. A very honest and genuine experience that I will never forget, providing chances not only in my football career but also beyond. Coming into the program I was unfamiliar with my mentors but due to their personable character we laid a very promising foundation to a great relationship. After receiving offers from 3 clubs for a position on a team David, Flo, and Sebastian proceeded to tend to my needs and find a solution that was best for me. These relationships are ones that I hope last a lifetime and I’d be more than happy to do anything possible to help their organization.”

Antonio Perez Dallas, USA

“This was my first time coming to Germany and it was my first time staying alone in a hotel. I thought this trip would be difficult for me, but actually there was a lot of help from the Schächter Sports team members so I didn’t have to worry about food, travelling, staying in the hotel or talking to new people.

I loved all the training sessions. The players had a better technique, more speed and advanced skills compared to the players in Singapore – I learned a lot. Practise was just excellent with high level expectations. Not only the team sessions, but also the athletics session Schächter Sports provided me with. It really helped me in understanding my body. The overall schedule of the trip was great, all the time was managed and the level of soccer got higher with every day. I will say this was the best trip of my life and I will share this special experience with the people in Singapore. I would like to come to Germany again to further improve my soccer skills.”

Ten Takeda Singapore

“The tryouts organized by Schächter Sports GmbH are a very good opportunity for every youth player. The whole trip was very well organized, the week included very good training sessions with great coaches at German academies and as well as sightseeing at FSV Mainz Stadium or watching a Bundesliga Game.
Thanks a lot for this incredible experience - I recommend it to every young footballer"

Tomasz Gnypek Poznan, Poland

Sustainable Player Development

With the launch the Sustainable Player Development program, Schaechter Sports sets unique standards in youth soccer. With a team of experts in the field of training, scouting, consulting, video analysis, performance diagnostics and education we provide players with a holistic and long-term individual development approach that is without equal in global sports.

The selection to this program is exclusive and serves players not just with the most professional supervision but with various opportunities for their future careers in soccer.