Creating international opportunities through football

To reach what we promise to the world we have established a strong partnership network all over the world to create best opportunities.
With our partners we want to use the power of football and offer outstanding football opportunities all over the world regardless of the cultural, religious and national situation.

Our vision is to build bridges between Europe and other continents through football and become the enabler for all parties in our network to
a) enter the European football market or
b) place a European entity abroad through football concepts






"Canada lags behind in player development compared to the top countries in the CONCACAF region, as seen recently by the failure of our U17 and U20 men’s team to qualify for their respective world championships. The only way to improve what we are doing to develop players is to work with organizations such as our German Partners who have a proven track record in developing some of the top talents in Europe"

Jake Doodnath, Founder Toronto Skillz

"The partnership with Schächter Management Group has given us a tremendous opportunity to raise the level of our players and coaches significantly. Our players have experienced higher level of coaching at the camps hosted in USA and during their visit to Germany. Our coaches have also been able to learn from watching and working with coaches from Germany. Beyond all that, the exchange program has allowed our players to experience a different culture while learning in a country where soccer and the culture of soccer is more advanced than in USA. We look forward to coaching education for our coaches, scouting of our players by German teams, and participation of our players in top tournaments in Germany."

Samuel Olali, AYSES

"Schächter Sports will be the perfect partner for us to develop holistic footballers not only skills and techniques, physical and mental strengths but also in the areas of discipline, character and attitude in and out of the field. Schächter Sports is able to provide unique experiences for Malaysian players in Malaysia as well as in Germany when our local players participate in the annual World Selection Tournament and the Training Stints. With their knowledge and experience professionally they will support the holistic development of every player in the program. At the same time this cooperation will create a huge opportunity for the development of football in Malaysia. Sending teams and players to Germany to train and compete with the Bundesliga academies is a unique experience and will motivate every player in the program to reach his next level."

Aylwin Skelchy, Destiny FDC

"Schaechter Sports GmbH was a natural partnership for APSS as they encompass everything we are looking for to improve pathways for our players in Europe and especially Germany. To have Schaechter Sports coaches coming to Hong Kong and identify talented players, who then have the opportunity to experience training at Bundesliga clubs, is an important step in our further development. The small details are so important at improving our program and coaches and Sebastian and his team will deliver these on all fronts. APSS is really looking forward to pursuing all the opportunities Schaechter Sports and their partners offer. APSS only works with the best."

Paul Smith, Asia Pacific Football School

"Football connects to the world. That is our concept. Football is not only global sports but also harbors lots of potential for youth development – in sports and personal growth. Football is the best way to learn values such as peace, human rights, conflicts preventions and tolerance towards other cultures. We would like to be mediators with Mr. Sebastian Schächter and the Schächter Sports GmbH between Germany and Japan. Further, we look forward to proceeding with various global projects together with Schächter Sports GmbH."

Jun Hirano, Funroots