With the Metropolitan International School in Viernheim and the boarding house located in Birkenau, we found the last puzzle piece to our already unique program. Together with Schächter Sports, the MIS wants to create a pathway in sports for talented kids all over the world.

Through our partnership with the MIS, our partners and players will

  • Get access to the great infrastructure of the Viernheim school as well as the opportunity to live and study in one of the most interesting regions of Germany in terms of football.
  • Get a partner that is not only focused on the results on the pitch and in school, but who is also mentoring you to become the best person you can be.
  • Get the chance to graduate with one of the most respected degrees in the world.
  • Have the chance to pursue their dream of playing football on the highest level in Germany.

With having students from more than 10 different countries, such as Hongkong, USA, Brazil and India, our new partner can proudly say that they are experts in bringing different cultures together and helping kids with different backgrounds achieving their goals. Their student athletes, competing in sports like hockey, swimming and of course football/soccer, are sticking out not only in their region but beyond.

After graduating with a Cambridge degree and getting the best football education you can imagine, all the doors are open for the kids, just waiting for them to step through and follow either their academic or sports passion. With some of their student athletes already playing in top german academies, the MIS has already proven to create the best environment for a perfect development of every kids.

We cannot wait for the stories that we are able to create together!